Dina Dargo


Manchester, tn


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If you are interested in acquiring an original piece, please visit my website www.dinadargo.com to view currently available originals and a list of representing galleries.

Artist biography:
Dina D'Argo is inspired by the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Her work evokes an awareness of a profound connection between ourselves,nature, and our spiritual core. Dina's horse images are dramatic metaphors for the human spirit; an unbridling of our desire for personal power and freedom. Her depictions of women are strong yet elegant compositions portraying women as both godess and brazenly human. With loose, bold brush strokes, lush colors and textural effects she captures the grace and power of her subjects.Her work is full of symbolism and strives to visually express a deeper meaning behind the images. "As an artist", she says, "I have the privilege of creating my own reality on the canvas. Rather than simply presenting an image, I hope to engage the viewer in a way that asks them to use their own imagination to complete the story."
Dina began drawing, painting, and showing her work at a very young age. She then earned her degree in Fashion Design and ran a successful design and manufacturing business in Los Angeles. A serious horseback riding accident changed her life, and recovery from brain and spinal cord injuries inspired her to return to her artwork with a commitment to making that passion her priority. Her work has been featured in galleries and private collections in Hawaii, Southern California, Oregon,Tennessee, and Amsterdam,Holland among other places. Raised in coastal San Diego County, Dina spent the last 6 years living and working in a studio on the edge of the Hawaii rainforest. She can currently be found south of Nashville,painting in the heart of Tennessee's horse country.


galleries interested in representing Dina D'Argo please contact the artist at: studiodargo@gmail.com


Show Off 3 White Peacock by Dina Dargo


Regal Peacock by Dina Dargo


Liquid Gold by Dina Dargo


Liquid Assets by Dina Dargo


Becoming Crystal Clear by Dina Dargo


Sparkle And Flow by Dina Dargo


Gold Dust 1 by Dina Dargo


Gold Dust 2 by Dina Dargo


Upwardly Mobile by Dina Dargo


Above It All by Dina Dargo


Flying High by Dina Dargo


Autumn Bliss by Dina Dargo


Seahorses In Love 2016 by Dina Dargo


La Vie En Rose by Dina Dargo


Deer To My Heart by Dina Dargo


Blue Circus Pony 1 by Dina Dargo


Blue Circus Pony 2 by Dina Dargo


War Pony by Dina Dargo


Birds of a Feather peacocks 3 by Dina Dargo


Priestess by Dina Dargo


Sage Buddha by Dina Dargo


Ruined Palace Buddha by Dina Dargo


Copper Buddha by Dina Dargo


Stone Buddha by Dina Dargo


Ancient Buddha by Dina Dargo


Chakra by Dina Dargo


Snow Gypsies by Dina Dargo


Ride Like A Girl by Dina Dargo


Blue Mane by Dina Dargo


Sweet Dreams by Dina Dargo


Patience by Dina Dargo


Perseverance by Dina Dargo


Deer To My Heart horizontal image by Dina Dargo


Winter Birds 1 by Dina Dargo


Winter Birds 2 by Dina Dargo


Beauty For Ashes by Dina Dargo


Joy by Dina Dargo


Magie Noir by Dina Dargo


Terra Firma by Dina Dargo


Determination by Dina Dargo


Integrity by Dina Dargo


Spirit of the Warrior Horse by Dina Dargo


Hawk Medicine by Dina Dargo


Summer Solstice by Dina Dargo


12 Gauge closeup by Dina Dargo


Heritage 1 by Dina Dargo


Seahorse Dream 1 by Dina Dargo


Seahorse Dream 2 by Dina Dargo